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💵 Is this 100 THB Baht or 💴 1,000 THB Baht?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Hello everyone😉, Here I am, I’m back with the issue that our guest keeps confusing and keep asking me for help. what am I meaning? Stay read it.💶

People all around the world 🌄🏞🌠 love to travel to Thailand, The most beautiful culture and kindness people, But one thing that traveler didn’t realize is what deferent between 1,000 THB bank and 100 THB Bank.💷 This issue turns it to be a big problem because some of the travelers don't know how different and give the 1,000 THB Bank to the taxi driver, That they just ask only for 100 Bath and then guessing what? the taxi driver just smiles at the corner of the lip and disappear and never turn back.🚕🚗🏃‍♂ .

If you take a look in day time ☀ you can see how deferent is it, But if you see in the night light 🌙, there would be a bit hard to tell, especially when you just finish party and want to head back to your place.

💷💷💷 The first tip that I always telling the traveler is, Before the party gets started or when you start to have a pre-drink, You need to turn 1,000 THB Bank into 100 THB for every bank you have or keep your 1,000 THB Bank at your locker or secret place in your clothes. 🧥👖(Maybe underwear 👙 )

. 💵💵💵 And the second tips is, you might see the character look like “๑” this. is mean “1” in Thai and “๒” is mean “2” and “๕” is mean “5”. . 🇹🇭 ๑๐๐๐ THB Bank = 1,000 THB (grey color) 🇹🇭 ๕๐๐ THB Bank = 500 THB (purple color) 🇹🇭 ๑๐๐ THB Bank = 100 THB (red color) 🇹🇭 ๕๐ THB Bank = 50 THB (blue color) 🇹🇭 ๒๐ THB Bank = 20THB (green color) . This is happening more than 10 times that I hear from guest mistakes.💸💸💸 . So, Just be more careful 🧐 wish color of bank that you pay for something. Or if you want to donate some money, please just give it to me gonna be more convenient for you guys🎊🎉. lol . . . . ________________________________________________ . Meet us at ►► . ▶️facebook: ▶️website: ▶️Youtube: ▶️Instagram: ▶️Location: ▶️Email: ▶️Tel: +6694-919-5649, +665-2019-648 ________________________________________________ . . . . . #thaithaihostel #thaithaihostelchiangmai #hostelcnx#hostelworld #hostelthailand #hostelchiangmai #thailand#reviewchiangmai #hostellife #adayinchiangmai#chiangmaiexplorer #travelblogger #travelinchiangmai#7daysinchiangmai #llovechiangmai #backpacker#backpackerinchiangmai #worldbackpacker #explorechiangmai#digitalnomad #hostel #social #party #besthostel#travelthailand #tripadvisor #happy #โฮสเทล #เชียงใหม่#cookingclass #elephant #elephantsanctuary #zipline #traking


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