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Are you looking for the trip drive motorbike to Pai?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

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Are you looking for the trip drive motorbike to Pai? 🛵 Today I will give you 3 Tips that’s you have to mention!👍 . Drive motorbike to Pai is a really magnificent idea, It really an adventure, it very exciting, it very fun, and you can see the most beautiful on the landscape ⛰ both side while you travel for 3 hours, Start from Chiang Mai to Pai! . 📌And here is tip number 1! Rent a motorbike from their company that you really trust, This means you have to do some homework before getting started, but if you don't know about the company. You just go to ask your hostel staff💁‍♂, This is going to be the easy way because they know already which company that they going to recommend to you 🛵because they trust the company! They work together for many years already, so they know how they work and how they can be trusted. . 📌Tip number 2 You should do your homework the route to drive to Pai, And how it looks like before you start, If you drive in a good season to go, Like the hot season the road is will be clear and good for drive, But if you drive on the raining season☔, It might be a problem, Because the road it will be more slippery, So be careful about that. . 📌Tip number 3 Accident is could happen if it happens to you, don't worry and don't be nervous just keep calm and then park you motorbike and ask local people from that place to help you, Normally they will not understand you where you explain, But you just have to show them, then they will understand and try to helping each other🤼‍♂ for you to bring you to motorbike go to sell and make some money Oop! I mean go to fixing shop. And absolutely you have to pay for the fix it, you are too far to call the motorbike company to take the motorbike and replace the new one for you. . 📌And last bonus tips is…… Don't drive a motorbike without experience🙅‍♂, It could be suicide🧛‍♂ if you never have experienced before, Even your motorbike is automatic gear, But it not easy how it looks like. . . If you like our content, please let me know which story or the thing about Chiang Mai📄 that you like to know❓❓, lust comment down below and I will tell you about it Thank you for reading it, See u next time!👍 . .

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